Our Story

Laura & MarkWelcome to Global Feel Good Company where life is always great because it’s populated exclusively by fun, upbeat, feel good people. Started by us, Mark and Laura Tong to fling fun and feel good at the world until it sticks… and then fling some more! We’re light, soufflé types who bask and dally only in the fun side of life and have no idea why anyone would choose any other way to live! Both reared by licentious sea cucumbers, we’ve had 25 fabulous years together as genuine, bona fide midgets without certificates to prove it. Credos may come and go (after all this is a consumer society) but despite being modern, impatient, no-attention-span kids, we have one that will never waver: people are great, really great the world over. And, we’re irrefutably, immovably, unshakably sure about it because we get out there and experience them first hand around the world, and every time we do, all we find is a great bunch of people (and the odd nutter with stupid ears) who are just trying to get on, do their thing and help out by pulling on the saving-the-day-trousers for strangers where they can… not plotting to blow up the West, burgle us in our bed or even make life difficult. It’s very refreshing! So, needless to say we take every opportunity to travel, work on fun projects and enjoy just how great people are and shout about it – hope to bump into you on one of our out and about tours, spreading fun and feel good around the world with Rugby, our gorgeous, greedy, silly Labrador


Below are some fun images – just click on any to see the full sized image – if you’d like to see pictures of some of our successful and less than successful adventures then you can do so here.


Travel & Improve your self-esteem, confidence and happiness- and have a blast!

Laura lying under Sharkbait!As well as helping you improve your confidence , self-esteem and relationships in order to lead better lives our other passion here at the Global Feel Good Company is independent travel, (especially if it involves some kind of fun vehicle to do it on!). There is no better or more fun way to improve your confidence and self-esteem than making your own way (or with a group of friends) across or around a country or two. Apart from the sheer boost to your confidence and self-esteem that comes from successfully navigating your way across an unknown city or mountain range, If you really want to improve your relationship skills at the same time and have a riot, then get out and travel independently – you’ll be amazed! You’ll soon find that there’s no such thing as ‘evil’ nations but only evil people telling you so. You’ll return happier, with more confidence and self-esteem than ever before and with a real understanding of what makes people tick the world over – and you’ll have had a ball, of course! So want to improve your confidence? Get traveling! It doesn’t need to be an epic adventure – big or small , long or short -go for it!


Below just for fun is a gallery of random images from some of our successful – and less successful travels.

P.S. – Some of these photos were taken before digital cameras (in the 1800’s) and developed in obscure locations, so please excuse the quality!

P.P.S. – This is just a static gallery at the moment – we’ll add other images as we get the time – if you’d like to post your fun, positive, interesting and wow! pictures of independent travel, then contact us and we’ll see if we can make a page to display everyone’s creations.