What is The Great Life Swindle?

You Don’t Need Self-Improvement, You’re Fine as You are – it’s Your Life that Sucks!

Crowd with hands in the airThe Great Life Swindle is not just a blog. It’s the start of a Revolution. A Revolution for the Common Man a century late. But you have to start somewhere, sometime, so let’s start now…

 The Age of the Common Man has finally arrived – Andrew Carnegie dreamed of their Monetary Revolution, Henry Wallace talked of their Century  and now The Great Life Swindle proclaims their Great Life Revolution.

So is this just another self-improvement blog? No, It is not a self-improvement blog in the traditional sense, it is a life-improvement blog – most people do not need self-improvement despite many of the vast tomes dedicated to the subject, they are fine as they are, it’s their life that sucks.

Are You just another Dessicated Toad on the Highway of Life?

How many times have you woken up needing a complete, radical change of direction in life but couldn’t think of one, so you kept going?  Hell, you need to do something about it, something radical! Because it’s going to take something radical and more to get from where you are now  in terms of scant success, hemorrhaging happiness, rocky relationships, sour self-image and minimal motivation to where you want to be  – your sweet success, hip-happening happiness, rocking relationships, stunning self-image and molten motivation. They may have told you life is a game but are you going to stand there and let it mash you into the pitch for the full 90 minutes? Are you going to give up before the final whistle and take being swindled out of your Great Life lying down, tarmac pâté?

And in exchange for what? A crushingly tedious parody of a life whose heavily oversold sales patter promised so much, yet delivered naff all in its molding reality? A lame excuse for a life that will never, ever give you any-fucking-thing you really want even if you were to become immortal? Maybe just a scrap of ease, a modicum of comfort? Come on for god’s sake, that’s not an exchange, that’s robbery, that’s a damn swindle! That’s The Great Life Swindle.

The Road to a Great Life is paved with… bullshit!

There are too many great people who never make it to the Great Life they could be enjoying. Too many people trying blindly to do something, anything worthwhile in their lives, however big or small, whether in business, charity, relationships or just trying to feel better about themselves, without any hope of success. Why? Because the Road to a Great Life is paved with… bullshit. The odds were loaded against you before you started. But it doesn’t have to be that way. This is the shit you need to know before you start or before you stop permanently and become one more statistic of The Great Life Swindle.

This is the shit you wished you’d known before you started out…

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